Drupal 8 development -- coding is easier than talking

I gave an presentation about Drupal 8 development in DrupalACT meetup in 27/09/16. And thanks for all that didn't fall asleep. I started to feel this would be a really hard presentation when I was composing the slides. It has been 2 years since Drupal 8 alpha was released, but there has not been many talks about how you actually writing the code in the community. Now I see the reasons. 

  • Assuming the audiences are lack of OOP skill, it is extremely hard to explain the OOP design pattern in Drupal 8 
  • I have to show the code example in Drupal 8 to demonstrate the difference between Drupal 7, which leads to the boringness of inspecting between the lines
  • Demonstrating how to convert a D7 module into D8 module is essential, but it would be better to do it in a workshop or a hackathon 

With all the difficulties that I encountered in the presentation, I feel like I managed to provide a bypass for Drupal 7 developer to create a simple Drupal 8 module without knowing much about OOP. And when you see your module is working, you will be confident enough to improve your module in the OOP way. The final suggestion, don't be afraid of the challenge, go ahead writing the D8 module. We learn when we code.