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Drupal 8 development -- coding is easier than talking

I gave an presentation about Drupal 8 development in DrupalACT meetup in 27/09/16. And thanks for all that didn't fall asleep. I started to feel this would be a really hard presentation when I was composing the slides. It has been 2 years since Drupal 8 alpha was released, but there has not been many talks about how you actually writing the code in the community. Now I see the reasons. 

Birds, bees and monster fish: how Drupal serves global biosecurity

The International Biosecurity Intelligence System (IBIS) is a Drupal based web crawler and media aggregator of biosecurity information, currently in its second year of development. IBIS is collaboration between Australia’s Department of Agriculture and New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industries aimed at the early identification of international biosecurity threats for better planning and rapid response.

Drupal and App development

The discussion about which is better between the mobile website and native app seems never end. Here is my understanding of it. ;-)

Mobile website and App development

App development's learning curve is as steep as Drupal's, as the result, there is no company in ACT is doing the app development. Traditional web developers would like to create mobile website instead of creating the native app. Following table is comparing the mobile website development and app development.

DrupalInGov – Lessons learned from years of doing Drupal in the public sector

"This presentation covers lessons learned by Datacom’s Drupal consultants based on their experience working in public sector and public sector like organisations. If you are about to embark on a Drupal project or planning to engage an external Drupal consultant the topics covered are intended to assist you to get the best out of your project.